Jumbo Editions. New book by John.

Just published my new book 'Angels in the Undergrowth' A limited Edition of 250 numbered and signed copies. Available now from Amazon or from any good bookshop. Just quote ISBN 978-0-9566264-3-1


'Strangely I do not find dissonance in wild places, only harmony, logic and peaceful consonance. Every piece of outstretched and entangled growth seems to me to make perfect sense, and works of art tackling and attempting to define this kind of intricate beauty and wildness fascinate me.'

John R J Taylor is an internationally exhibited photographic artist who work has recently been featured in shows at The Victoria an Albert Museum, The Tate Gallery, The Barbican Art Gallery in London and The Aldeburgh Music Festival, Suffolk, England.
Jumbo Editions is proud to announce the publication of his exciting new book 'Angels in the Undergrowth'. John R. J. Taylor has had an obsession with tangled wild places since he was a child and now he has put together a fascinatingly cerebral and beautiful collection of images from his personal archive. Jumbo Editions are delighted to have been chosen to publish these images for the first time. John R. J. Taylors images are wonderfully idiosyncratic, modern, sometimes challenging and above all utterly beautiful and poetic.

'I envy the lack of restriction that nature’s path takes; I envy the complete abandon and apparent insouciance and joy of the untrammelled existence of plants. To be so free and beyond enforced behaviours seems miraculous and for humans certainly unattainable. This strikes my soul very deeply and possibly is at the root of my fascination for art of all kinds. It is us who attribute the word chaos to unrestrained organic growth, but of course the direction that sprouting energy takes is not be chaotic or amorphous at all; it is nature’s logic at work, pure and simple.'